About Us

Saba Communications has been a prominent VoIP service provider since 2005. Ever since our inception, we have charted a significant growth developing customers in our voip services like , carrier-interconnections, dedicated servers, hosted Voip Softswitch , Safe+ Voip Billing , iVoip Dialers & iVoip Smart Bypass with our successful complete VOIP Business Solutions. Saba Communications mission as a global communications provider is to sustain mutually valuable relationships with its customers, employees, and community. Best in class technologies, streamlined business processes, and solid ethical standards ensure every business and customer gets exactly what SC.

promises: affordable custom solutions and a consistently satisfying customer experience. SC remains committed to distinguishing itself as a highly competitive and profitable business that earns loyalty and respect by putting customer first.

At Saba Communications, we strive to create maximum online brand awareness in the wholesale and retail segments and offer our customers the entire spectrum of VoIP business solutions.

Our mission is to establish Saba Communications as one of the leading Voip service.