iVoip Dialer for Mac Computer

iVoIP Dialer for Mac Computer to make Mac 2 Mac or Long distance call  from Mac with excellent call quality & features. Pc2phone technology is a simple yet thorough user-friendly technology that allows Mac users with an Internet dial-up connection to make international calls to anywhere in the world with very low cost.

It is very easy to use, your customers download iVoip Mac Dialer to their computer and can make calls to anywhere in the world – all they need is a sound card, speakers and a microphone on their Mac.

In order to assist you in such an endeavor, we give you the opportunity of selling our iVoip Dialer service to your customers under your brand name. By implementing this service, your customers can reduce their calling costs significantly. Converting their Mac into a low-cost telecommunication device will allow them to make international calls at extremely low prices. You can increase your user base and revenues tremendously by offering this service to your customers, and watch the numbers grow, year after year.

iVoIP Mac Dialer Features:
  • Compatible with any SIP based Softwitch
  • Login by Operator Code, SIP user & Password
  • Outgoing and incoming VoIP calls
  • Brand Name Display
  • Balance Display, Auto update after call end.
  • Calls History
  • Call Timer
  • Hold / Unhold
  • Redial Last Number
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Silence Suppression
  • Packet concealing
  • Packet Lost Concealment
  • Comfort Noise Generator
  • Work in background mode
  • Excellent Voice Quality, work in low bandwidth
  • Audio Codecs Support : G711u, G711a, G722, Speex 8 KHz, Speex 16 KHz , Speex 32 KHz
  • Compatible with All Mac Computers.
For pricing or have any further questions
please email us at sales@sabavoip.com or can live chat on Skype ID: amanazmi2
Screenshot for iVoip Dialer for Mac Computer
iVoip Dialer for Mac ComputeriVoip Dialer for Mac ComputeriVoip Dialer for Mac Computer
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